a smarter way to work

creating a detailed profile saves time

a good Profile

means better lead qualification

Because the right match is just as important to your clients as it is to you.

It makes sense in the ever increasing competitive world we live in, to be as smart and efficient as we can.

Your profile flows through to every other listing and entry within Get Connected Network. So, ensuring you get your profile right, saves you time later.

  • Describe your local service area the way locals do
  • Premium listings are much cheaper than comparable pay per click advertising
  • Post as many News stories, Offers, Events and Looking For posts as you like
  • They will appear in feeds based on the local settings you use
Don't do things twice, setup a good profile and save time.

About the Get Connected Network Profiles Directory

How it's done...

We built Get Connected Network to focus on finding the right supplier where the consumer needs it.

Don't think local as just your backyard. Today we live in a world where consumers are very mobile and they are looking to be serviced where and when they need it.

Because we are an international market place, consumers can find what they want, without having to wade through loads of listings that appear in your typical search engine.

And as a bonus, this works for your local consumer as well.

  • Helpful SEO backlinks
  • Configured for good SEO which will help your website
  • Connects your News stories, Offers, Events and 'Looking for's' to your listing
  • List your service areas and cut down on wasted time

At the end of the day, it helps you get more from Get Connected Network, more…

- page views

- backlinks

- clients and referrals

This all adds up to a better bottom line