like a coupon, but better

Add special offers and deals to increase sales revenue, move old stock, celebrate an occassion - whatever you like.

Compelling offers

Everyone loves a good deal!

Offers should always be about value to the client - not just products and prices.

Tell your clients why what you have is great value to them. Add a testimonial if you can.

In the offer…

  • State the product/service
  • Why it's good, make a claim
  • Why the claim is there
  • Give a good, strong benefit
  • Have a buying benefit and call to action

When you provide all this informtion, customers are often compelled to buy from you.

An offer doesn’t mean you have to discount your products or services. You could be offering a value bundle deal or a free item with each purchase etc. Remember - the bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweet taste of low price is forgotten

About Get Connected Network Offers

How it's done...

Get Connected Network Offers can be very powerful - to both suppliers and consumers.

- you can make them time dependent to increase business in your quiet times

- they can be like a coupon (without the coupon company cost)

- you can have as many offers running as you like