get the short and skinny version

Choose your areas of interest and become informed on only your areas of interest. Grow your networking by reinforcing your authority on the subject in a short series of news articles.

News articles

whether your news is little or large, the more you say, the more people listen

Your news articles are how you build on your directory listing(s).

It's information that, over time, builds on the personality and key values of what you are about.

So, make announcements about new products, services, people or projects.

In other words, what's happening in the world of you.

Be positive, not boastful, we all love to follow positive :-)

  • Share awards
  • Share milestones
  • Share new products / services
  • Share new staff
  • Share information
These days people search for what they want/who they want it from on the internet. So you need a social presence to be seen as a knowledgeable source is your field. Your listing is your business card. Your news is your social presence.

About the Get Connected Network News Feed

How it's done...

We built Get Connected Network to focus on finding the right supplier where people are looking.

Use categories in your news articles to identify the topic, where you conduct business, who you want to read it.

Most news feeds are only good for the time you are towards the top of the feed, so your article is quickly lost. Here at Get Connected Network, we do things a little different…

- if you go to the news feed and ‘view all’, it does work the same as other news feeds

But, we also offer the following…

- you can search business categories

- you can search for a contact

- as the newsfeed is not part of your usual website, the SEO benefits from the listing link is invaluable - it builds on your internet profile

there are two more key benefits

- your user personal profile lists all of your activities, including all the news articles you publish

- in your listing, your activity feed is shown, this means that when clients are shopping around, you have just given them a whole bunch of reasons to deal with you, through your news articles.