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connecting buyers with sellers

When people are looking for a service, availability or pricing, they're at the pointy end of the decision making process, they're ready to buy! Buyers get quotes, sellers find buyers.

Bring suppliers to you

consumers find sellers, sellers find buyers

Get Connected Network is the one tool that is designed to build a network of the right people that will help your business get the right clients.

Get Connected Network is full of suppliers of products and services - all keen to do business.

So, when you're ready to buy

put a 'looking for' request online - you'll get many benefits…

  • you will get back offers without the running around
  • you will find ways to fulfill your needs that you may not have thought about
  • you will find what you are looking for, where you need it
  • you will find a supplier that offers the right fit for you and your needs

Plus, the added advantage is that you will be supporting your Get Connected Network members.

By buying from within the Get connected Network community, you’re building a stronger network, which you in turn, will benefit from

About the Get Connected Network Looking For directory

How it's done…

We built Get Connected Network to focus on finding the right supplier where clients need them.

Did you know that small business, in most countries around the world, form a large piece of the economy and they provide a large chunk of the employment. So, supporting them is good for everyone.

Often their products and services are better than bigger businesses, they just don’t have the marketing resource to tell you. Supporting local business makes your community a better place, which is a benefit to everyone.