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Promoting your event is simple and easy to do on Get Connected Network.

Promoting Events

with the added bonus of increasing your network

Get Connected Network is more than just a place to promote your event.

Your event could be…
  • A one day training session
  • A 2 hour class on a particular technique
  • A charity event
  • A free networking event to get to know local businesses
  • A music gig
  • A new product launch
  • anything you like really.

It handles your ticketing sales process (we don't handle the payments yet, this feature is coming soon)

It automatically sends an email reminder to attendees 24 hours before the event

Your event will be exposed to the world, so, whether it's a training session, product launch, or a networking event for local businesses, Get Connected is the way to do it.

From a marketing point of view, running an event is a great way to build your client base and build your network - so make sure you connect with everyone via our referral process.

Did you know a great way to build your business network is to host networking events? Invite a bunch of local businesses for a get together - great things could happen.

About Get Connected Network Events

How it's done...

Simply add an event in Get Connected Network. Anyone looking for events on your topic, in your area will see the event listing.

Another way to promote your event is to send a message out, via our messaging system, to your network, people who follow you, people who’ve recommended you. It can be a short note simply pointing them to your event.

GCN will email the tickets and send a reminder email 24 hours before the event.