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Use local service providers

Get Cennect Network is about finding what you want, where you want it. You might need a plumber to fix a leak in your home, you might need catering for a work function, you might need a hire car at a location you're travelling to for a conference - search the area local to where you need a service.

Why have a listing for your business and for yourself?

With Get Connected Network - businesses can have a listing - professionals can have a listing - individuals can have a listing - Why?

Well, for one, it's more points of presence on the internet. When people do a search you will be 2 results to their search, instead of just the one.

Add your staff as well and there's even more points of presence.

Because of today's social media and huge internet use, clients are researching not only what they want but also who they want it from.

So, as a business owner, or a professional working as an employee or an individual - your personal profile is your business card. It should not only contain how to get in touch with you, but your skills and expertise, why you are the right person for the job, your photo and a little about who you are. People love to deal with who they know, having this information will allow people to 'know' you.

Your business profile is another business card. It should contain the products/services your business provides, the things that make your business unique.

Our mission is to help customers find you, in your service area.

Get Connected Network is the one tool that is designed to build a network of the right people that will help your business get the right clients.

Because the right match is just as important to our clients as it is to you. It makes sense in the ever increasing, competitive world we live in, to be as smart and efficient as we can.

For most of us there is a lot of business right on our door step, we're just not seeing it yet.

  • Describe you local service area the way locals do
  • Premium listings are much cheaper than comparable pay per click advertising
  • Post as many News stories, Offers, Events and Looking fors as you like
  • Have them appear in others' feeds based on you local settings
Being found in the vast ocean of the internet, for most businesses/people is difficult to achieve. With Get Connected Network, we treat all our members equally, no matter what size your business is - if someone searches for your products or services, in your area, you WILL be found.

About Get Connected Network local listings

How it's done...

We built Get Connected Network to focus on finding the right supplier, where the client needs it.

Don't think of 'local' as just your home backyard. We live in a world where clients are very mobile, they could be looking for something where they live, but they could equally be looking for something local to a place on the other side of the world, where they'll be travelling next week. They are looking to be serviced where and when they need it.

Because Get Connected Network is a global network they WILL find what they are looking for, wherever they are looking for, without having to wade through loads of listings that appear in the typical search engine.

  • More accurate GEO locating
  • Configured for good SEO witch will hell your website
  • Connects your News stories, Offers, Events and Looking for's to your listing
  • List your service areas and cut down on wasted time