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what if budget™ product launch and networking event

19th April 2017


Most of your client’s businesses have hidden profit, how do you easily find it?

In today’s market, when it comes to pricing their products/services, a lot of businesses fall into the trap of ‘follow the leader’, without truly understanding the numbers.  They look at their competitor’s pricing and charge a bit less. Usually, for the simple reason; they believe being cheaper gets the customers.

This could be a dangerous dance with their profit!!

You know you can help – but how can you provide this kind of service on a regular basis, quickly and efficiently?

What if there was a software tool…

  • that worked out the pricing to ensure there was profit

  • that showed clearly where the profit is and where it’s not

  • that evaluated if your client has sufficient time resources

  • that evaluated unlimited budgeting and forecasting scenarios

  • that was easy to understand and use

before risking their hard earned money…

Well, there is! The get connected network is proud to present a networking event for the product launch, of what if budget™. The only tool on the market, that combines overhead costs, cost of sales, the profit needed AND the time it takes to deliver products/services when evaluating their business.

  • no more time consuming spreadsheets

  • no more back of the napkin guessing

  • real numbers for real profit

Let us show you how you can generate an extra revenue stream by implementing what if budget™ into a monthly ‘health check’ on your client’s businesses.

Our speakers will share some of their business experiences to illustrate the need for this information and how what if budget™ was developed. They will share with you some of the key aspects of profitability in today’s ever-changing marketplace.

Q&A and networking opportunities will exist, before and after the product launch. An event which is set to bring together important players in Perth’s SME and financial services market.


pricing for profit

at a product/service level, know what the price needs to be, to cover overheads, cost of sales, required profit and time used to deliver

can you deliver

by adding the missing element of time to the budgeting and forecasting process,  you will know if you can truly make a profit

get the most from time

easily see how your time resource is used, know what skills and how much labour is needed to make you profitable


registration & networking

30 minutes – coffee & selection of cookies
Network with some of your fellow entrepreneurs and learn about this latest tool, with tactics and strategies you can implement immediately.


45 minutes + 15 minutes Q&A

‘is your business working for you’ by Tony Inman,  ‘are the numbers working’ by Paul Jones and ‘why information is king’ – by Chris Percival

Founder/director, Chris Percival presents a  look at the making of what if budget™, and will outline your journey to profit from back of the napkin to feature-rich web app.

meet the team, ask questions & network

30 minutes – become a ‘what if’ user

Relish the chance to ask questions, listen, and ultimately walk away with actionable profit tips, tips you would usually pay for.


With over 80 years combined business experience, you will learn what it takes to stay ahead of the pack and maintain profitability.

Paul Jones
Cherry Black business builders


Chris Percival
Managing Director
what if budget™

Tony Inman
Managing Director
Club Red Inspiration

  • over 10 years’ experience guiding small to medium business
  • co-founder of Cherry Black business builders (not very ‘traditional’ accountants)
  • holds ownership interests and board member positions, in several ventures
  • successfully established 23 new start-ups since Cherry Black began
  • passionate about the success of small business
  • over 35 years in business
  • with up to 40 employees
  • with up to $14m turnover
  • Flexirent’s #1 reseller for over 7 years
  • 6 WA Business of the Year awards
  • thousands of happy clients
  • developed dozens of information management systems
  • managing director of Club Red Business Coaching since 1996
  • 35 years management experience
  • built around 20 businesses
  • experience in both the products and services industry
  • thousands of hours of business coaching under his belt
  • author of book – ‘If Life’s Worth Doing, It’s Worth Doing Well’
  • author of e-book – ‘How to Win the Games of Business and Life’


City West Grand Ballroom
Plaistowe Mews
West Perth, WA 6005

Free parking with each ticket

Starts at 6:00pm

REGISTER NOW – this is a free event

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