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Being in business for yourself is often way more work than you thought it would be, at times it can be downright scary! Just because you have a great idea that you think people will pay for, doesn’t mean you’ll be successful.
There’s so much more to business than having a great idea!  But where do you go for help when you need answers to your questions? Your spouse? Your best friend? A wealthy neighbour?
Sometimes, the best answers come from fellow entrepreneurs and business people. People whose successes and failures you can draw on.
Mixing with the right people,  willing to share ideas with each other, creates some very successful environments.
Networking – like they say, it’s not always what you know but who you know that makes a difference.
That’s what the get connected network™ is all about – bringing like-minded people together, inviting experts in various fields, helping you to grow your profits.

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